Przyjaciele: jak wyglądają dzisiaj gwiazdy serialu?

Przyjaciele: jak wyglądają dzisiaj gwiazdy serialu?


Jak dzisiaj wyglądają gwiazdy serialu Przyjaciele? Zobaczcie jak zmienili się Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler i Ross! 

Serial Przyjaciele kończy 25 lat

Serial Przyjaciele był nagrywany w latach 1994-2004. Kultowy serial komediowy o szóstce przyjaciół z Manhattanu doczekał się 10 sezonów i trzech odcinków specjalnych.  Produkcja zdobyła mnóstwo nagród, Nagrodę BAFTA, Złoty Glob i Nagrody Emmy. 

Dodajmy, że w Przyjaciołach wystąpiły wielkie gwiazdy, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Brad Pitt czy Julia Roberts. Serial jest tak popularny, że wciąż przyciąga przed telewizory tłumy widzów. Chyba nie ma nikogo, kto nie znałby produkcji! ;-) 

Jeśli mało Wam Przyjaciół, 20 września koniecznie oglądajcie program 4FUN naEKRANIE!, w którym Dawid Muszyński opowie o kultowym serialu. Start już o 17.00 - oczywiście w 4FUN.TV!

Przyjaciele: jak zmienili się bohaterowie?

Rachel Green – Jennifer Aniston




Monica Geller – Courteney Cox




Phoebe Buffay – Lisa Kudrow




The Doctor will "hear" you now. She's totally "listening" and really "cares." #airquotes #webtherapy

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Joey Tribbiani – Matt LeBlanc




If you missed Episodes in the UK last night you can watch it on the iplayer thing. It’s funny.

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Chandler Bing – Matthew Perry



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#MatthewPerry 📸: @therealjaydenmaddux

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Ross Geller – David Schwimmer



~The one with “Could I BE anymore excited.”~ Dear Ross, Thank-you for being upfront always, with everything. You’re someone who gives all his heart & time to something only if he genuinely wants to invest in it. Once you start giving your all, there’s no turning back! That’s probably your best quality. From paleontology, to Ben, to “YOU THREW MY SANDWICH”, to Rachel & Emma, you have always been loyal & done your part very fairly, irrespective of the circumstances. Getting 3 divorces is not really common, we agree, but, here’s why it happened: 1. Carol turned out to be a lesbian which is unfortunately not your fault! What speaks more about you is: You agreed for a threesome, just to keep her with you. 2. You named Rachel at the altar instead of Emily, that’s only because you loved Rachel. Emily was anyway no where close to deserving you, she was a brat. 3. The reason you and Rachel had a divorce is because you both were dumb enough to realize that y’all belonged together. Hence, I don’t see any fault of yours. Except for being so transparent and loving too much, throughout! I loved the undying camaraderie between you, Joey and Chandler. Such a great trio. Your care for Monica, love for Rachel and unfiltered amity with Phoebe. My two most favorite part of you and Phoebe were when She explained how Rachel was your lobster, and when you went over to Mike’s after their first date, asking not to blow her off. Out of all, I think you’ve had the funniest incidents. “Unagi”, “the one with the tan”, “YOU THREW MY SANDWICH”, “Pivot”, I could go on & on. Thank-you for making us laugh, all the time. P.S. - Could I BE anymore thankful? #friends #friendstvshow #phoebebuffay #monicageller #rachelgreen #rossgeller #chandlerbing #joeytribbiani #25years #25yearsyoung #friendsweek #25soon

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Sometimes when I'm acting I forget who I really am..

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